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SAS SYSTEM meat injectors

  • Description
  • Technical data

A family of injectors with SAS SYSTEM – greater opportunities for control of injection process. SAS SYSTEM Meat Injectors are intended to implement the most complex processes of injection covering a broad spectrum of raw materials, namely:

  • muscles and elements of red meat with bone or boneless
  • poultry carcasses and parts of white meat with bone or boneless
  • fresh meat – white and red
  • fish and fish fillets
What SAS SYSTEM gives us?
  • high repeatability of technological operations
  • low injection rates up to 10%, as well as high injection rates up to 120%
  • small deviation of injection level from 0,5 to 2%
  • high production rates in kg/h
  • maximum speed of injection head up to 60 cycles per minute
  • injection of the raw material of different thickness without extruding brine
  • possibility of pre-programming of injection moment, i.e. determining the layer of raw material which will be injected
  • drive of transporter synchronized with drive of injection head enables many combinations of injection patterns.
Modern filtration systems

Meat Injectors are equipped with multi-step filtration system:

  • filter with replaceable cartridges with different graduation
  • curtain filter, consisting of the three grids with different graduation
  • rotary filter with a slot drum for a very fine cleaning of return brine
Easy adaptation to your needs
  • an easy disassembly of injection head, with the possibility to use needles: ø 2 mm, 3mm, or 4mm allowing a quick change of needles to inject various raw materials.
  • selection of filtration system depending on kind of brine and raw material

A much smaller load of moving parts of the drive system while injector is working, and thus extending their durability and reliability.



MH-117 SAS

MH-212 SAS

MH-336 SAS

MH-424 SAS MH-516 SAS MH-660 SAS

Number of needles

pcs 75 117 212 336 424 516 660

Dimensions with brine filter:

mm 2650 2850 2500 2500 3225 516 3408


mm 1900 2000 2530 2530 2480 4100 2391

H = Height

mm 2100 2200 2200 2200 2200 3250 1581

Weight with brine filter

kg 1000 1250 1510 1530 1800 2200 1510