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TAURUS automatic angle grinders

  • Description
  • Technical data

Designed for grinding fresh and frozen meat up to -20°C to required granulation and making other technological operations depending on used equipment.

Construction advantages:
  • high quality execution of stainless steel
  • high quality of ground meat
  • execution of pressing chamber and pressing worm in highly resistant to abrasion stainless steel
  • two compatible drives of feeding worm and pressing worm ensure optimal adjustment of amount of dosed material
  • drive motors equipped with overload protective system
  • cutting system includes high quality cutting devices
  • pressing worm equipped with an automatic pushing out system (option W-160, W-200)
  • grinders equipped with peripheral device for separation of tendons and membranes (option) and separator of poultry bones (option)
  • grinders equipped with safety systems including: protecting cover of throat, cover of loading chamber (W-130), platform for operator (W-160, W-200)
  • grinders equipped with microprocessor controller responsible for control of all work parameters
  • unique construction of pressing and feeding worms , worms in the production of CNC machining centres from a single piece of steel by machining
  • grinding system for frozen meat blocks (-20°C) (optional)
  • special execution of grinders for frozen fish blocks






Diameter of throat

mm 130 160 200
Capacity of hopper dm3 145 360 450

L=length/ length with loader

mm 1460/2290 1750/2650 2260/3110

B=width/width with loader

mm 1510/1750 1410/1920 1825/1987

H=height/height with loader

mm 1650/3000 1900/3250 1985/3250

Weight/weight with loader

kg 1200/1400 2100/2300 2700/3100