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Weighing and control systems of tumblers

  • Description
Weighing system in tumblers

Tumblers with weighing option of batch are equipped with load cell measurement system of weight.
On the control panel current batch weight is displayed; it is also possible to reload next batches to the tumbler’s drum. Weight is then set to zero, and further components are added together as well as stored in the controller’s memory.

„Touch screen” Operator panel
  • possibility of programming up to 99 technological programs
  • adjustment of processes parameters such as: temperature inside the drum, vacuum level, rotation of drum, massaging time, intervals time
  • choosing of a technological program by selecting appropriate name of a program from the list – after selecting the program, all set parameters are displayed
  • access protection function to change technological programs by a password, which can be changed by an authorized user
  • for tumblers with weighing option, a user can control batch weight
  • possibility of monitoring of work parameters from the computer (optional)
  • possibility of selecting operation mode: automatic or manual
  • auto-start function – allowing the machine to run at specified time