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Brine injectors

  • Description
  • Technical data

Modern machines designed for brine injection of meat, meat products, carcasses poultry and fish.

Construction advantages:
  • complete stainless steel made
  • possibility of high and low injections
  • system of multifunctional injection heads (1,2,3 and 4- needle)
  • easy and fast change of the entire injection head with needles
  • injection head stroke of 200 mm as a standard (100 and 250 mm is available as an option)
  • two speeds of the injection head in a standard version
  • smooth speed control (optional)
  • simple and efficient power transmission system
  • easy to read and operate control panel
  • easy to disassemble and to clean conveyer made of plastic material
  • different conveyor speed controls
  • highly efficient centrifugal pump made of stainless steel
  • smooth brine pressure control up to 3 bar (4 bar as an option)
  • stainless steel brine tank
  • functions of brine mixing and brine pumping out from the tank
  • closed brine circulation system
  • easy to clean multistage brine filtration system
  • possibility of brine cooling by a rotary filter (option for MHM-68/204, MHM-136/408

Type of injector


MHM-136/408 *

Number of sockets

pcs. 21 39 68 136

Max. number of needles


up to 84

up to 156

up to 204

up to 408

Dimensions: L = Length

mm 1510 1770 1740 2120

B =Width

mm 760 840 960 960

H = Height

mm 1850 2000  1950 1950


kg 330 430 490 680