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Injection line with dripping tunnel

  • Description

Designed for industrial injection of poultry and red meat. The components of the injection line are as follows: injector MH SAS, rotary filter FBN, dripping tunnel TO-1.

A family of injectors with SAS SYSTEM – greater opportunities for control of injection process. SAS SYSTEM Meat Injectors are intended to implement the most complex processes of injection covering a broad spectrum of raw materials, namely:

  • muscles and elements of red meat with bone or boneless
  • poultry carcasses and parts of white meat with bone or boneless
  • fresh meat – white and red
  • fish and fish fillets
What SAS SYSTEM gives us?
  • high repeatability of technological operations
  • low injection rates up to 10%, as well as high injection rates over 100%
  • latest, easy to assemble and disassemble injection head
  • high production rates in kg/h
  • maximum speed of injection head up to 60 cycles per minute
  • injection of the raw material of different thickness without extruding brine
  • possibility of pre-programming of injection moment, i.e. determining the layer of raw material which will be injected
  • drive of transporter synchronized with drive of injection head enables many combinations of injection patterns.
Modern filtration systems

Meat Injectors are equipped with multi-step filtration system:

  • filter with replaceable cartridges with different graduation
  • screen filter, consisting of the three grids with different graduation
  • rotary filter with a slot drum for a very fine cleaning of return brine
  • round and sunken suction filter which minimizes the loss of brine

Dripping tunnel TO-1 is a device to carry out two processes after injection. One is to separate the excess brine from the injected elements, the second is to conceal visible holes after the needles (in case of injection of poultry carcasses or poultry elements with skin). In dripping tunnel by turning the injected elements, while moving them forward, the excess brine is separated and at the same time, the holes after needles visible on the skin are concealed. In addition dripping tunnel can be used to separate free brine, continuously, from the injected muscles for production of smoked products.