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Injector SAS System with Integrated Weighing System

  • Description

INJECTORS MH-424 W SAS with integrated weighing system

  • high injection level consistency
  • continuous monitoring of deviations and possible immediate corrections
  • identification of errors in injection process resulting from human factor or technical problems (e.g., incorrect brine or raw material temperature, incorrect program parameters)
  • machine downtime information

Weighing system with SCADA monitoring offers the option of full injection level control

  • two measuring systems, located at the beginning and end of the injection zone, continuously measure the weight of the raw material on the conveyor
  • the advanced control system shows percentage increases in raw material weight compared to initial weights
  • the weighing system allows control over injection levels giving the operator ability to make adjustments throughout the process to maintain injection levels, eliminating inaccuracies, and resulting in higher quality of individual muscles and temperatures
  • full product control of final product composition, compliance of the composition with the label, and costs
  • compact design – weighing system integrated into the machine (no external weighing tables)

SAS SYSTEM INJECTORS (Servo Automatic System)
are intended to implement the most advanced injection processes covering a wide range of raw materials:

  • muscles and elements of red meat, bone or boneless
  • whole poultry and parts of white meat, bone or boneless
  • fresh meat – white and red
  • fish and fish fillets