EPS will be exhibiting at upcoming shows around the country this year.  In January we will be at IPPE and invite you to stop by our booth. IPPE      January 25-27 2022     (Atlanta, Georgia)        Booth # C12765 At the IPPE show we will feature Nowicki defrost tumbler systems, CelsiusFOOD teflon belt…

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EPS will be exhibiting at upcoming shows around the country this year.  In November we will be at Process Expo and invite you to stop by our booth. Process Expo      November 2-5     (Chicago, IL)          Booth # 2067 At the Process Expo show we will feature Nowicki defrost tumbler systems,…

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  • Description
  • Technical data

UNIVERSAL CONNECTION OF THE MASSAGING AND MIXING FUNCTIONS Maximum utilization of the production area and shortening the time of technological processes 

Technological advantages

  • capable of working in rooms with high temperature
  • option of loading the drum from 10% to 75% of its volume
  • option to supply brine during the program

Mixing loads

  • option of using the mixer-massager as a vacuum mixer
  • mixing and venting stuffing by applying vacuum
  • increased stuffing density after mixing
  • better color of the finished product
  • mixing various types of meats, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruit (frozen and fresh), spices, cereals
  • short time of mixing meat stuffing, approx. 10 minutes

Massaging meat raw materials

  • significant reduction of meat massaging process time
  • massaging whole muscles (sirloin, ham, shoulders) as well as small, delicate pieces of meat (poultry elements, meat ingredients for structural stuffing)
  • better brine absorption and bonding
  • higher final product performance


  • completely made of acid resistant steel
  • indirect, safe in operation, freon cooling of the drum
  • combining the advantages of a refrigerated vacuum tumbler positioned with a cooled, vacuum stuffing mixture
  • active massaging and mixing arms ensuring gentle treatment of meat elements and thorough mixing of stuffing 
  • easy to keep clean
  • interchangeable mixing arms for different types of products 
  • integrated, automatic loading and unloading system for standard 200 liter stuffing trolleys

Advanced control system improves automation

  • up to 99 technology programs
  • regulation of massaging time, break, and internal temperature
  • inside the drum, number of mixer rotations per minute, angle of drum and vacuum level
  • Internet diagnostics system and registration of all process parameters 


Drum capacity dm3 300 600
Dimensions: L = Length mm 2110 2280
B = Width mm 1320÷2150 1595÷2375
H = Height mm 1980÷3080 2150÷3200
Weight kg 1200 1900