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  • Description
  • Technical data

New kind of machine which connects all the advantages of a vacuum tumbler and a vacuum mixer.

Construction advantages:
  • direct drum cooling
  • possibility of operation of mixer – massager  in not-cooled rooms
  • active massaging and mixing arms providing delicate processing of meat pieces and exact mixing of stuffing
  • possibility of drum loading from 10 to 65% of its volume
  • supply of brine and other pickling marinades during execution of a technological program
  • integrated, automatic loading unloading system for standard 200 ltr. euro-bins
  • stable and durable stainless steel construction
  • easy to clean
Mixing of batches:
  • application of mixer – massager  as a vacuum mixer
  • bigger condensing of stuffing after mixing
  • better colour of ready product
  • mixing various kinds of products: meat, fish, seafood, fresh and frozen vegetables, cereals etc.
  • short time of mixing meat stuffing -approx. 10 minutes
Massaging of meat batches:
  • even multiple time reduction of massaging
  • application for the whole muscles (loin, ham, shoulder) and small, delicate  pieces of meat (poultry elements, meat components for structural stuffing)
  • excellent absorbing and bonding of introduced brine mixture
  • excellent final yields of products 




Drum capacity




Dimensions: L = Length

mm 2110 2280

B = Width

mm 1320÷2150 1595÷2375

H = Height

mm 1980÷3080 2150÷3200
Weight kg 1200 1900