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Multifunctional universal smoke house NOVOTHERM

  • Description
  • Technical data

Designed for thermal treatment of meat products, fish and cheese.

User advantages:
  • shortening of technological process
  • energy saving
  • minimal weight losses
  • high and repeatable quality of products
Construction advantages:
  • stainless steel construction
  • modular construction (joined panels making up a module)
  • possibility of joining numbers of modules
  • microprocessor control system
  • power supply: steam, electric, electric-steam, oil or gas
  • individual air ventilation system with heating and moistening for each module
  • machine aggregate placed on the top of the smoke house
  • each module equipped with a separate washing system
  • efficient thermal insulation
  • house doors equipped with locks with possibility of opening from inside (left or right side)                    
Technological processes:
  • sedimentation
  • drying
  • drying and smoking
  • smoking with smoke only
  • smoking by means of smoke with steam
  • steaming
  • venting
Air circulation system:
  • each module equipped with independent air circulation system
  • fresh air (or smoke) supply controlled automatically
  • removing of used air
  • precise control of moistening system
  • larger air circulation space
  • unique design of air mixing chamber
  • efficient heating up system
Smoke houses of special execution:
  • Chambers for  baking (up to 135oC)
  • Smoke houses with cooling system enabling  conducting processes of cold smoking
Smoke houses types electric, steam or electrcic- steam  – dimensions

Smoke houses types oil or gas – dimensions