The SCADA Monitoring system

  • Description

Enables to monitor operation of cutters, vacuum tumblers, injectors and smokehouses.
With the programme it is possible to observe remotely on a screen and to save on a PC computer, all technological data of tumbler’s work, such as:

  • number of carried out phase
  • number of operating personnel
  • number of batch
  • drum speed
  • present time of steam injection (in tumblers with steam heating)
  • present time of break of steam injection
  • alarms
  • hours and minutes of present cycle
  • load temperature
  • batch weight
  • weight of components of each bath
  • present time of a carried out phase
  • quantity of vacuum in a drum
  • machine mode of operation

Monitored data can be displayed in a form of an interactive window or a diagram of parameters in time-function.

All monitored data can be saved in a memory of a computer. In the event of an emergency or a failure the data can be retrieved by the monitoring programme.

It’s also possible to print a diagram of parameters in time-function as a documentation of a technological process.