Tumblers MAH PS/D

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Designed for a technologically advanced processes of thawing blocks of meat, poultry and others. The blade system to prevent damage to the muscle and to achieve a high quality of thawed meat. Machines are equipped with a touch panel which allows for a total control of the defrosting process.

  • quality of defrosted batch comparable to a quality of fresh raw material
  • substantial shortening of defrosting time
  • the blade system to preventing damage to the muscle
  • “touch screen” operator panel in standard
  • steam generator

Types of tumblers


MAH-3200 PS/D

MAH-5200 PS/D

MAH-7200 PS/D

MAH-10200 PS/D

Drum capacity

dm3 3200 5200 7200 10200
mm 4200 4450 4800 5200
B=width mm 1960 2150 2300 2350
H=height mm 2500÷2820 2500÷3050 2500÷3300 2600÷3400




~3300 3900 4600