Food and beverage processors and packaging professionals from small to large companies across the globe attend PROCESS EXPO in Chicago, USA. Attendees cover a range of food production and manufacturing responsibilities including CEO, owner, corporate management, sales and marketing, production, operations, sanitation, maintenance, research and development, quality assurance, engineering, chefs, contract manufacturers, and more. —->Registration<—- —->Find…

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What customers are saying …. 


Bill Parker – Amboy Group, New Jersey 

 Thanks to all of you for your help tracking down this problem. I know it’s very difficult over the phone, but step-by-step, you figured it out.

I realize some of you worked with me during your personal, after work time and I am especially grateful for that generosity.

Respectfully, Bill Parker


John Franseen – Hewitt Meat Processing -Marshfield , Wis 

Chris – thanks we are up and running again  , Your technician was very helpful and courteous !



Your two service men did a wonderful job. I think they were very informative with my supervisor as to how to do the next service as well as what to watch for in the future. I would highly recommend them to anyone for there knowledge and workmanship.

Thanks Much!!

Ron Hilsmier – Plant Manager
Wenzel’s Farm LLC



Jim Hankes – Thrushwood Farms – Galesburg IL 

John ,
Good afternoon, hope all is well with you.
For your information – this tumbler has dramatically improved our products and has saved us time . It is a great piece of equipment that does a wonderful job.

Jim Hankes -Owner CEO Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats 


John Foreseen – Hewitt Meat Processing -Marshfield ,Wis.

Thank You John ,

We love the Nowicki bowl cutter, it is the best piece of machinery we have ever purchased 


Hey Jim

We have your W-130 Grinder W Loader and it’s cut our production time from 4 + hours to 1 hour . It’s been one of the best pieces of equipment we’ve invested in . I would recommend it to everyone or anyone who asks …

Brian Schwellinger – Badger Ham – Milwaukee, Wis