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EPS will be exhibiting at upcoming shows around the country this year.  In November we will be at Process Expo and invite you to stop by our booth. Process Expo      November 2-5     (Chicago, IL)          Booth # 2067 At the Process Expo show we will feature Nowicki defrost tumbler systems,…

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Brine Mixers

  • Description
  • Technical data

Designed to prepare, cool and store brine solution for injecting muscles and meat products.

The mixers allow for quick and consistent brine production, without deposits, with the use of dry substances. Option of using a cooling version and an electronic control allows for full control of brine preparation.


The new brine mixer type BM-1000

Brine mixer with an automatic washing system guarantees the highest standards of hygiene, resulting in the microbiological safety of the prepared brine solutions.


  • washing system: unique design of the swivel head for easy, quick and thorough cleaning of inside the tank
  • a hole to inspect the interior of the tank
  • intuitive 7.5 touch panel giving the option of:
  •    – programming of brine preparation processes
  •    – automatic washing program with controlled emptying of the tank after washing
  •    – recipe management
  •    – cooperation with the integrated weighing system (optional)
  •    – cooperation with a barcode reader (optional)
  • the advanced control system minimizes the possibility of errors in brine preparation technology.
  • Option to connect to the CIP system of the plant


Construction advantages of brine mixers MS:
  • complete stainless steel
  • construction meeting the highest hygienic requirements
  • triple mixing system of solution components (mechanical, circulating and injection agitators)
  • automatic dosing of dry ingredients
  • option of transporting completed brine to injector
  • efficient centrifugal pump
  • precise calibration of brine tank
  • option to integrate the machine with the injector
  • brief time for obtaining a consistent brine solution
  • full control of set water quantity (option)
  • full control of solution temperature (option)
  • smooth internal hopper with vibrating device (optional) for effectively adding dry ingredients to water
  • option to adapt the machine for preparation of thick sauces
  • option of membrane pump for thick brine
  • option of brine sterilization with UV lamp
Types of brine mixers    MS- 400 MS- 1000 MS- 1500 MS-2000 MS- 400CH MS- 1000CH
Container capacity dm3 400 1000 1500 2000 400 1000 1500 2000
Dimensions L=Length mm 1390 1790 2000 2595 1700 2110 2430 2595
B=Width mm 1220 1420 1600 1810 1150 1650 1830 1810
H=Height mm 1920 2100 2230 2655 1950 2230 2230 2655
Weight kg 155 225 450 900 300 450 800 1100