EPS will be exhibiting at upcoming shows around the country this year.  In January we will be at IPPE and invite you to stop by our booth. IPPE      January 25-27 2022     (Atlanta, Georgia)        Booth # C12765 At the IPPE show we will feature Nowicki defrost tumbler systems, CelsiusFOOD teflon belt…

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EPS will be exhibiting at upcoming shows around the country this year.  In November we will be at Process Expo and invite you to stop by our booth. Process Expo      November 2-5     (Chicago, IL)          Booth # 2067 At the Process Expo show we will feature Nowicki defrost tumbler systems,…

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Fish meat High speed rotation cutters TYPHOON

  • Description
  • Technical data

Designed to produce all kinds of meat stuffing with different degrees of crumbling and fat emulsions, also from raw skins.

Construction advantages *:
  • stainless steel construction
  • high quality and repeatability of stuffing production
  • versatility: besides cutting, mixing of stuffing is also possible
  • high-speed rotations of knife head (cutting rotations)
  • microprocessor control system
  • smooth control of cutting and mixing rotations
  • possibility of programming up to 40 technological programs
  • possibility of changing the language of operator panel
  • stuffing unloader
  • automatic water dosage system
  • effective noise insulation cover
  • head with cutting knives not requiring regulation of distance from bowl
  • equal stuff crumbling in all the bowl’s volume caused by “cutting in the air”
  • stuffing temperature control
  • possibility to install a higher power motor for heavy stuffing production
  • hydraulic loading and unloading system
  • hydraulically operated front and back covers of the bowl
  • monitoring system of the current machine operation, auto diagnostic and sound signaling system
  • complete work safety system
  • modern and ergonomic construction of the machine
  • construction meets the highest hygiene requirements (flat surfaces inclined at an angle of 3 degrees)
  • automatic central lubrication system
  • product contact surfaces are polished
  • emergency STOP for bowl drive and cutterhead drive
  • removing of current disturbance through the use of variable frequency drive of cutter

Types of cutters

KN-330 KN-550 KN-750

Bowl capacity

dm3 60 125 200 330 550 750

Cutterhead speed

– working (adjusted)

rpm 200÷6000 200÷5000 200÷4800 200÷4500 200÷3800 200 ÷3800

– stuffing mixing (adjusted)

rpm (-200)÷(-400) (-100)÷(-300) (-100)÷(-300) (-100)÷(-300) (-100)÷(-300) (-100)÷(-300)

L (L1)= length (length with loader)

mm 1650 2530(2650)


3070 3680 3850

B (B1)= width (width with loader)

mm 1310 1500 (2000) 2550 2530 2970 3080

H1= height with lowered cover

mm 1190 1850


2160 2400 2650

H2= height with lifted cover

mm 1850 2300 2510 2770 3110 3230

Control box dimensions

mm 800x800x300 1000x1400x
1200x1800x400 1200x2000x500 1000x2200x600

Weight with loader ( without loader)

kg (1350) 2400 (2000) 3600 4200 5650 7930