EPS will be exhibiting at upcoming shows around the country this year.  In January we will be at IPPE and invite you to stop by our booth. IPPE      January 25-27 2022     (Atlanta, Georgia)        Booth # C12765 At the IPPE show we will feature Nowicki defrost tumbler systems, CelsiusFOOD teflon belt…

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EPS will be exhibiting at upcoming shows around the country this year.  In November we will be at Process Expo and invite you to stop by our booth. Process Expo      November 2-5     (Chicago, IL)          Booth # 2067 At the Process Expo show we will feature Nowicki defrost tumbler systems,…

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Industrial, Two-Row Container Washer Type MP-3000

  • Description
  • Technical data

Designed to wash containers of maximum dimension 27.5” x 23.6” x 19.7” (L x W x H) and containers’ covers. The machine achieves maximum wash and disinfection effects.

The MP-3000 washer is equipped with two independently controlled washer lines under one housing. The structure facilitates expansion of the line with different modules, which, depending on the expectations of the target recipient, provide better wash capacity and/or less water after the air blow-off process. 

Construction advantages:
  • washes 1800 containers per hour
  • maximum washing and disinfection effectiveness
  • independent adjustment system of top and side guides for each lane
  • two independently driven and controlled stainless steel plate chain conveyors with smooth speed adjustment
  • closed water circulation system with a filtration system
  • ability to rinse section’s cut-off when there’s no container in washer
  • pump for improving rinsing efficiency
  • stainless steel centrifugal pumps
  • quick release high pressure nozzles with adjustable angle and direction
  • water heating system: stainless steam collectors, exchanger water-water
  • automatic water temperature control system with a display of set and current parameters
  • conductimetric – detergent concentration measurement, automatic dosing and signaling of detergent shortage
  • option to provide a customized system of loading and collecting containers designed in any configuration
  • the washer is compatible to operate with an automatic container storage system
  • guards protection against accidental opening


Efficiency containers/h form 1800
Dimensions with air blow-off module


mm 21825
B mm 2400
Length mm 8360+4140
Weight kg 1220+1160+1400+1560