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MA-P-2500PS Meat Tumbler

  • Description
  • Technical data

New MA-P-2500PS meat tumbler for fast tumbling and marinating processes

The design uses two covers located on the front and rear of the machine. This allows loading from one end and unloading from the opposite end of the drum. The tumbler is therefore an ideal device for working in an automatic line.


  • drum rotation is carried out by four durable and supportive rollers
  • variable speed control of the drum
  • built-in vacuum system, controlled from the operator panel, enables the implementation of various technological programs
  • all components are built inside the machine
  • additional inspection openings at the ends make it easier to keep the MA-P-2500PS clean
  • MA-P-2500PS can be loaded with traditional hydraulic loading from standard 200-liter trolleys; it can cooperate with vacuum loading or be loaded via conveyor belt
  • in the case of loading via a conveyor or trolleys, it is also optional to work with an automatically closing cover
  • with vacuum loading of the tumbler, we recommend a system of two covers – the first is dedicated for vacuum loading, the other for work in a vacuum


Type of Tumbler  
Drum capacity dm3 2500    
Maximum Load kg -800    
Drum Speed rpm 0+7    
Installed Power   4,7kW    
Dimensions mm 2300 x 2200 x 1950    
Weight kg 1600